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Vehicle Battery SNI

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has signed the Rules Chairman Number 55 of 2019 concerning the Acceleration of the Vehicle Program Motorized Electricity Battery Based (Battery Electric Vehicle) for Road Transportation.

In line with this, the Presidential Chief of Staff, Moeldoko asked all parties to work together to support the acceleration of the Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle program.KBLBB).

In response to this, the Standardization Body National (BSN) set Standar National Indonesia (SNI) related to electric vehicles.

Director of Standard Development for Mechanics, Energy, Electrotechnics, Transportation and Technology Informasi BSN, Y Kristianto Widiwardono revealed BSN's efforts to support the KBLBB program by establishing SNI.

He explains one component important in electric vehicles, cars and bike motors/mopeds are batteries.

Therefore, BSN has determined eight SNIs related to batteries, including:

  • SNI IEC 62660 secondary lithium-ion cells for electric vehicle propulsion parts one to three,
  • SNI 8871:2019 electric motorized vehicles category M and N – system Rechargeable Electrical Energy Storage System (REESS) – requirements keselamatan
  • SNI 8872:2019 electric motorized vehicle category L – Rechargeable Electrical Energy Storage System (REESS) – later safety requirements
  • SNI 8927:2020 category L electric vehicle battery systems – safety requirements for removable and swappable battery systems and
  • SNI 8928:2020 electric motor vehicle battery system category L – specifications for batteries that can be removed and exchanged for electric motor vehicles.

According to Kristianto, SNI IEC 62660-3:2016 stipulates procedures testing and the acceptance criteria for the safety performance of lithium-ion secondary cells and cell blocks used for electric vehicle propulsion include battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).

The battery electric vehicle (BEV) in question is an electric vehicle only with a battery as a power source for driving the vehicle.

A cell block is a group of cells that are connected together in a parallel configuration with or without protective devices.

For example, fuses or positive temperature coefficient resistors (PTC) are not included in the final housing, terminal arrangement and electronic control devices.

Problem Security

"The application of SNI Batteries for electric vehicles is very important because it concerns the safety and security of motorists," said Kritianto.

According to him, this is different from a car battery which only supplies electricity for secondary purposes.

"Batteries in electric vehicles have a much larger capacity because they are used as a source of propulsion energy, so batteries for electric vehicles must be able to give confidence to the public," said Kristianto.

According to him with the appropriate battery SNI will reduce the risk of accidents such as fire, short circuit, or electric shock.

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“Several incidents of car fires were caused by a short circuit by an electric current and then a fire. With the same assumption, electric battery is also expected aman used in electric vehicles," said Kristianto.

His party formulated SNI Batteries to determine the basic safety performance of the cells used in battery packs so that the potential for unwanted events during the operation of electric vehicles is safe. normal, can be avoided.

The safety requirements of cells in the standard are based on the premise that cells are properly used in battery packs and systems within the voltage, current, and temperature limits specified by the cell manufacturer.

He explains that there are several company which will produce electric vehicle batteries and apply SNI Batteries.

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He hopes that through the determination of SNI, the development of the electric vehicle industry can develop and related to the main components of the battery to be used, it can provide security and safety guarantees to electric vehicle users without having to worry about the quality of the battery.

It is noted that up to now BSN has determined 41 SNI for vehicles and charging infrastructure.

In addition, based on the Decree of the Head of BSN Number 587/KEP/BSN/12/2020 dated December 11, 2020, BSN has also appointed an Institution Rating suitability (LPK) with the scope of SNI 8613:2018 ISO 130632012 Electric-driven mopeds and motorcycles

source : https://www. Suaramerdeka.com/automotive/pr-04473054/for-user-safety-battery-electricity-vehicle-required-sni-standard?page=all

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